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Legal Help For Terminating Parental Rights

The first step in making a decision about you and your child may mean deciding what to do about the other biological parent. In some cases, the other parent may not be part of the child’s life and will not stand in the way. In other cases, however, the other parent may decide to remain (or get further) involved and try to prevent you from following through.

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In Minnesota, even parents with full physical and legal child custody do not have the right to make certain decisions that may negatively impact the child’s relationship with the other biological parent. Any judgment regarding custody and visitation rights must be formally modified through the courts. Even in cases where no court order is in place, the other biological parent may file a legal suit to prevent the decision. Unless there is a formal termination of parental rights (TPR) in place, do not assume that you have the sole right and authority to make decisions about your child.

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If you are involved in a TPR case, either as petitioner to terminate the rights of the other parent or fighting to prevent the termination of your rights, call me, attorney Patricia Zenner of Zenner Law Office in Stillwater. I have many years of experience handling these delicate matters and can explain the best legal options for moving forward with sound legal counsel guiding the way.

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