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Helping Grandparents Remain Part Of Children’s Lives

Yes, grandparents and other relevant extended family members in Minnesota may seek the rights of visitation with a minor-aged child with whom they have developed an important relationship. Typically, the petition to seek visitation rights was restricted to the custody part of the divorce process. Legislation has allowed grandparents to bring a petition under certain circumstances, outside of divorce, as well.

Additionally, if you are a parent faced with a grandparent visitation petition that you do not believe is in your child’s best interest, I know the law and can assist you.

Experienced Minnesota Family Law Lawyers Know…
We shouldn’t refer to it as “grandparents’ rights” when it is really an important process to allow the child to maintain a critically important relationship.

If you are a Minnesota grandparent or other member of a minor’s extended family and can demonstrate the importance of maintaining visitation rights, call me, attorney Patricia Zenner of Zenner Law Office in Stillwater. I have years of experience protecting the rights of my clients in all areas of visitation, parenting time and custody law. I represent grandparents and extended family members in custody and visitation matters in St. Paul and courts throughout the seven county metropolitan areas.

I also represent parents, grandparents, guardians and extended family members in important family law matters such as:

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